First day at the new job and I'm setting up a new macbook pro (macbookpro 8,2) for work.

Here's a list of things I'm doing to setup this machine as a reference for future installations:

* Ran "Software Update"
* Installed XCode (3.x because it's free and is included on your install media) and X11
* Installed Chrome
* Installed Firefox
* Installed Opera

Break for lunch, frustrating phone call with fifth third bank, and reset my MCS account passwords...

* After debating using macports, fink, or homebrew decided to give homebrew a try.
* brew install python (which installs readline, gdbm, and python2.7.1).
* Added /usr/local/share/python to PATH
* easy_install pip
* pip install virtualenv virtualenvwrapper mercurial
* hg clone etc
* cd etc && ./
* Added path customizations for homebrew to ~/.bashrc
* brew install emacs --cocoa --with-x
* ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/emacs/23.3/ /Applications/
* brew install subversion
* Didn't find grep in the default homebrew (they include system duplicates by default) but apparently you can just point homebrew at a recipe on some random site and it'll install it... Not sure I'm happy with this but that's probably the reason homebrew runs as a non-root user... Basically you can do: sudo brew install
* generated an ssh key: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
* brew install ssh-copy-id
* enabled sshd in the sharing control panel
* ssh-copy-id msteder@localhost
* sent authorized keys files to systems guys for setup on the MCS resources.
* brew install wget
* brew install proctools
* brew install openssl
* Installed Dropbox
* Installed

I think that may be just about enough setup for today. I'm thinking next steps are going to be installing AWS tools like s3cmd, boto, etc.


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