Some projects I’ve worked on over the years:

Giraffe - Python Image Proxy (Inspired by Imgix)

At threadless I worked on generating design and product images programmatically and dynamically from the frontend of our site and this was the result after a Christmas break worth of work:

txTemplate - Interface for template engines in Twisted

Provides simple integration between Twisted’s Asynchronous API and the synchronous APIs of many Python template systems so you can use Twiste and Jinja2 (or Genshi or Clearsilver).

Goose - Migration Tool

A really simple SQL Migration tool.

I spent some time working up algorithms to find Scrabble words and published a simple web service (Twisted Web with an AJAX UI).

MaroonMPI - Python Wrapper for MPICH2

A python interface to MySQL I wrote while working at the University of Chicago Climate Systems Group

Pundler - Stealing ideas from Ruby’s Bundler for Python

Managing requirements in Python projects is more complicated than it should be and Pundler is an attempt to address that.