A friend of mine once said that he was terrible at Starcraft because his "APM" was too low.  APM, if you're not familiar with the acronym stands for  "Actions Per Minute" and refers to keypresses or mouse clicks per minute while playing the RTS turned sport, Starcraft.

My friend continued saying that he actually thought his APM while programming was quite high, certainly higher than anything he could manage playing Starcraft.  Of course, having nothing better to, I hacked up an Emacs minor mode that would track all your key presses within Emacs and total up an APM score for you.

starcraft.el in 'action'

Yes, that "sc" in the modeline stands for Starcraft.  Install starcraft.el in your emacs configuration and find how hard it is to inflate your actions per minute while writing code in emacs compared to spaming hotkeys in Starcraft 2.

Really, I just wanted to do a more substantive bit of Emacs Lisp and this was a fun excuse to do so.

You can download and play with the mode here on Github.


Nice. I think I will install this as a "productivity measuring tool" for all my developers.